TENGA Flip Hole Zero Electronic Vibration – An Iphone Of Today’s Men’s Sex Toy Market? + a Special 15% Coupon Code For Our Readers!

If you’re going to go to Hell for cranking your own yank, then you might as well go in the middle of a kick-ass orgasm, am I right? With so many handheld meat beaters on the market, it’s not very difficult to find a sex toy that will get you there, but anyone who knows anything about this shit knows that not all toys are the same. Some are better than others, and a few make the competition look like bitches. Enter: the TENGA Flip Zero EV – a modern marvel of masturbatory mastery. I’m not even kidding. Mind you, my dick has felt the juicing power of just about everything out there, so when I say that the Flip Zero is a hero, I’m not blowing smoke up your ass. If that’s what you’re looking for, check out a prostate massager because it’s a No Bullshit Zone up in here. I like to lovingly call this thing the iPhone of sex toys, and I’m about to clue you in as to why it’s been given such a nifty nickname. TENGA FLIP 0 EV PROMOTIONAL VIDEO Before I go there, however, I want to let you know that I personally own a couple TENGA toys, including a few of the old Flip models. Those pieces of shit don’t even compare. Having admittedly spent thousands of my hard-earned dollars on the world’s most popular fuck sticks, I had no qualms with spending another couple hundred to get the best and brightest among them. The TENGA brand has consistently put out dozens of excellent toys, but this new bastard takes the cake and eats it too. Is it possible to be legitimately in love with an inanimate object? If my partner bitches at me one more time, we’re breaking up and I’m saying vows to the Flip Zero EV. This new-fangled debauchery machine beats the Cobra Libre, the Hot Octopuss, and even the Fleshlight Vibro by 286 miles. Dare I say the EV is hands-down the best vibrating male sex toy on the market today? I just did. Take it like a man. What Is the TENGA Flip Zero EV? If you’re into high-tech sex toys, then this boisterous bastard might be exactly what you’ve been looking for. If you’re more of a classic man, then you’re also in luck. The Flip Zero EV by TENGA is a one-size-fits-all male masturbator with plenty of juice to please the techies while also having enough traditional taste to suit the old-school fans. It’s almost as though the sex toy gods got together one day and developed a device to cure all ills. At least, that was my first impression. This thing makes the other toys from the TENGA brand seem like wasteful pieces of expensive garbage, and it’s uncertain how the brand will ever improve upon it in the future. I’m not saying there aren’t any flaws, it’s just that the flaws which do exist are so minor that anyone complaining needs to shut …

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