Feeling Horny But Are Broke At The Moment? No Problem, We Will Give You Tips On How To Make a DIY Fleshlight Pocket Pussy

Listen, if you’re too broke to buy a real sex toy, then you’re certainly too broke to afford a lover. However, we all have needs, which means something must be done when the urge to bust a nut kicks in. Aside from manually jerking your turkey with worn out and calloused palms, there’s not much you can do besides fashion your own sex toy out of household items that cost little to nothing to acquire. It’s a sick, sad world out there, folks. While the modern market of high-tech fuck toys is replete with viable options, some of them are far more expensive than many men can afford. The average high-quality toy costs about a hundred bucks, and that price is before you buy lubricants, accessories, or batteries. It’s no wonder why so many dudes are opting to make their own shit. Although we don’t necessarily agree with doing that, we can’t blame them. After all, blue balls are a son of a bitch. The Tinkerers Think Tank If you’re going to do it then you might as well do it right. Nobody wants to be the guy who has to call an ambulance because he got too creative with his fuck sticks without being knowledgeable first. That shit is embarrassing, not to mention potentially deadly. While we wholeheartedly suggest saving up for an actual sex toy, (use our discount codes to save a massive amount of money) we can understand the fact that that’s not always possible. So, in the event that you must craft your own, there are a few things you need to know. TO OUR UTTER SURPRISE, MOST OF THE HOMEMADE FLESHLIGHT POCKET PUSSIES ARE NOT ONLY VERY GOOD BUT ALSO EASY AND CHEAP TO MAKE   First of all, not all sex toys are created equally, and some are pieces of shit in and of themselves regardless of their price tag which suggests otherwise. Trying to replicate something you see on a website or in stores is always a good place to start, but you should know that you will seldom (if ever) achieve the same level of quality that you see come from a worthwhile manufacturer. The key to being happy with your homemade crapshoot is to understand that there are always a few degrees of separation between it and what you find on the shelves. Simply put, prepare for disappointment to prevent yourself from being . . . well, disappointed. Our Recommended Alternatives To DIY FLESHLIGHTS:   Furthermore, the best shit in the industry achieved its lofty reputation by being well-made, solid pieces of craftsmanship. Tinkerer or not, you’re hardly likely to create anything nearly as fantastic as what’s offered in stores. These sex toy making people work hard alongside a gamut of scientists to develop industry-leading materials, ergonomic designs, and arousing pleasure settings. With anything homemade, the best you’ll get is something barely good enough to get off in. Just keep that in mind. A quick scan of a few YouTube instructional …

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