Max Perfomer Review: Most Potent Natural Enhancement For Men Formula On The Market? + a Special Discount Code For Our Readers!

I started tinkering around with male enhancement supplements back in my early twenties, despite many of my friends encouraging me to wait until my dick stopped working to use that kind of stuff. I, for one, prefer to take a proactive approach to my penile health though, which is why I began experimenting with different products in the first place. Along the way, I got pretty confident about my ability to discern between pills that are effective and defective. Much to my surprise, Max Performer was nothing like what I expected it to be and I’m actually kind of grateful for that.

When my order arrived at my house, it was contained inside an unmarked box that looked like it had been to hell and back. Tattered and torn to shreds already, I ripped the rest of its packaging off and peered inside to see what I had just spent my hard-earned money on. For the price, I got a medium-sized box of 60 blue pills that, unfortunately, looked a bit too large for me to swallow comfortably. And they weren’t protected by a tamper-proof bottle as I’d hoped they’d be either, but they were all intact and everything looked brand-new so I wasn’t afraid to proceed.

The Contents Of Max Perfomer

The label said that the product’s efficacy came from its seven proprietary ingredients that were carefully lab-combined in a unique proportion to promote maximum results. I’ve seen these same ingredients in many male enhancement products available today, so I wasn’t exactly impressed by the list. Here’s the relatively basic stuff Max Performer has in it plus a brief description of what each of those components can do:

  • 1000mg Lacariin – A compound used by neurologists to increase blood flow to various parts of the body, namely the extremities. It has also been shown to boost testosterone levels, heighten nerve stimulation and promote better sexual function overall. I’ve never been treated by a neurologist for low blood pressure, so I wasn’t confident that this stuff would work for me.

  • 1000mg MACA – Respected as a powerful aphrodisiac, this ingredient has been used for centuries to naturally increase erotic endurance while gently balancing hormone levels. It can even increase your sperm count and motility too. My partner and I have been taking MACA supplements for years, so I know exactly how potent this stuff is.

  • 1000mg Red Korean Ginseng – Used primarily to reduce oxidative stress, RKG not only expands your levels of consciousness but it also increases your ability to concentrate while delivering a powerful punch to your libido in a safe and natural way. If enough is taken, the effects are almost immediately noticeable.

  • 1000mg Cordyceps – Extracted from a mushroom of all things, this ingredient is truly a fun-guy because it promotes optimal cellular communication throughout the entire body, resulting in better blood flow, increased oxygen intake, enhanced testosterone levels and bolstered sperm counts.

  • 120mcg Selenium – As one of the world’s most potent and well-known antioxidants, this powerful ingredient helps minimize the negative effects of oxidative stress (especially on the reproductive system), enabling your penile tissues to operate at max capacity and thereby reducing the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

  • 24mg Zinc – This ingredient is used in almost all male enhancement supplements because it’s an essential part of happiness and good health. It speeds up cell recovery (terrific when selenium is added), increases sperm production (an excellent combo effect with cordyceps) and promotes more substantial orgasms (good news for everybody).

  • 15mg Bioperine – This natural chemical compound is used in countless health products today, mostly because it can increase your body’s ability to absorb other nutrients – certainly a smart addition to the Max Performer recipe if you ask me.


    ​I also noticed that this product had a few more ingredients that weren’t mentioned in the manufacturer’s clever marketing scheme. They never are. But none of the missing ingredients are harmful to your body and all them work to support to positive side effects of the other ingredients in the supplement. And in case you were wondering or have an allergy to worry about, here are the additional components in Max Performer:

  • 40mg Pantothenic Acid

  • 10mg Pyridoxine HCI

  • 14mg Iron

  • 32mg Niacin

  • 10mg Riboflavin

  • 10mg Cyanocobalamin

  • The manufacturer claims that the original seven ingredients, when combined with the supportive components and used as directed, can increase your self-esteem by improving the size and strength of your erections, boosting your libido and providing you with super-charged sexual stamina. So, how did this so-called “one-of-a-kind” recipe work for me and my dick? According to my partner, this stuff is the nectar of the gods.

    ​My Experience With Max Perfomer

    Well first of all, the fact that it worked whatsoever was a pleasant surprise to me. Remember how I mentioned my incessant search for the perfect product? I’ve been plagued with some seriously bad luck over the years, meaning I didn’t exactly have my hopes up that there would be any real change to the way I enjoyed sex and masturbation afterwards. But this little blue pill might have finally changed the game for me (at least a little bit). Here’s my experience with each of the things this product promised:

    • Bigger, Harder Erections

    It took about two months (70 days) for me or my partner to start seeing any difference in the size or sturdiness of my erections. Once we did, though, it was obvious that this shit packed a powerful punch to the penis. Its ability to boost blood flow made by junk look only slightly bigger, but I was told by my partner that it felt larger upon penetration – probably because of the increased cellular mass (AKA: thickness).

    • Boosted Sexual Performance and Stamina

    I didn’t really see much of a difference in my endurance level or in my overall sexual performance, at least not at first. After a while, there was a slight increase in my ability to go for longer, but it’s not like me and my partner timed it or anything. Performance is all about practice and experimentation though, but I can say that this little pill provided the extra boost required for me to try out a couple new things, so there’s that.

    • Stronger, More Intense Orgasms

    I think that because I was given a few more pumps before my inevitable mash-down (and because the blood was rushing through my veins more efficiently) the resulting orgasm was, indeed, more intense than I was used to it being. Or maybe it was the increased passion between me and my partner due to the combination of ingredients and my bolstered sense of pride. Either way, I had some of the best sex of my life when I was taking this stuff.

    • Increased Sexual Desire

    Knowing what I was getting myself into, and excited about tracking the results as they became more apparent, I guess you could say I became a bit overzealous in my desire for all things sex related. So, even if it’s not exactly the ingredients that do the trick, my libido was directly affected by taking these pills and that’s all that matters to me (or my partner).

    • Satisfy Your Lover Every Time

    As far as satisfying my lover every single time, I didn’t realize that was even possible. So, unless these pills have some unknown ability to beam us both into another dimension, it’s just one of those things you probably won’t benefit from regardless of what the manufacturer says. At least that’s what I tell myself every time my partner rolls her eyes.

    • Improved Confidence

    It’s always a hit to the ego when your partner isn’t satisfied with your sexual performance, especially when you’re taking pills to make yourself better. However, I most certainly felt a renewed sense of confidence while taking this supplement, but I wonder if maybe that wasn’t just the effects of my mind playing tricks on me as I excitedly waited for the results to manifest themselves.



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    ​The Final Verdict

    Mind you, these supplements have to be taken every single day for several months to see significant, measurable results. It’s certainly not the quick fix I was hoping for, and the fact that the results aren’t even permanent is quite a bummer too. But either way you cut it, Max Performer will most likely jumpstart the process of penis enhancement and is therefore ideal for both beginners and self-proclaimed experts like me. You can find more information or buy Max Performer at their official website.