Fleshlight Ice Review: It’s Hot As Hell Over Here! We Need to Cool Off!

fleshlight ice comes in this lovely box
Comes in this sexy case

Let me begin by saying that I’m not the kind of guy who will just stick my dick into anything. On top of that, I get some pretty steady action from the ladies. So, when I picked up the Fleshlight Ice for the first time I wasn’t sure what I was getting into. For starters, it looked like a transparent pussy staring up at me and begging me to thrust my cock into it. But after all the other attractive yet disappointing fake vaginas I’ve tried throughout the years, my hopes were none too high.

I picked up my fake pussy straight from the manufacturer, because I like being able to buy all my lubes and accessories at the same time. It shipped to my door in a discrete little box – unmarked, unlabeled, and unable to be spotted by my nosey ass neighbors. Once I brought it inside and opened it up, I could see and feel some big differences between this sexy mamma-jamma and the other pieces of shit I’ve bricked in over the years.

The Main Features I Liked the Most About The Fleshlight Ice

Let’s get down to brass taxes here: The Fleshlight Ice is a voyeur’s dream. I truly enjoyed watching my throbbing package, which just so happened to look a little bigger thanks to the patented see-through SuperSkin material, as it thrusted in and out of the tight little hole. Since I’m a visual fella, like most guys, being able to see my own dick take a beating was perhaps the best part – well, besides the way it felt to be inside that thing.

Not only does it feature the same petite flaps and folds as an actual vagina (one that hasn’t been destroyed by taking a pounding for decades), but it also has those feel-good ridges on the inside that gave me the “Real Deal Holyfield” sensation I was after. Although the outer casing is completely transparent, nothing was spared in terms of durability, realness, and quality – and I would know; I have been using and reviewing fake vaginas since I first learned I had a dick.

In action video


Fleshlight Ice Review: Let’s Talk Dimensions

Speaking of dicks, mine is kind of large. Also, I prefer my pussies nice and tight (but I don’t want to lose circulation or anything). Luckily, the Fleshlight Ice was big enough to house my junk and its inevitable load.

fleshlight ice review in which we measure its dimensionsOn top of that, the sleeve was fully removable and even interchangeable, which meant I could swap it out for something better whenever I was ready for a new fuck. What can I say? I’m a big fan of the Fleshlight Girls.

Anyway, the best part about it is that, despite the fact that was big enough to fully receive my oozing organ, it still fit comfortably in my hands which made it really easy to get the kind of manual slam I needed. The case is about 10-inches long and somewhere around 3.5-inches in diameter at its biggest point. However, the sleeve, which fits down into the case, is only about 9.5-inches long with the same diameter. Not bad dimensions considering the fact that you really don’t have to bottom out to get the full effect.

What It Felt Like 

Ice sleeve texture

I liked how the magic happened in a clear, magnifying case that gently sucked on my head and shaft as I slid it up and down at various speeds. Hell, I could have been abusing the damn thing for all I know. I was busy having something like an out-of-body experience – complete with my eyes rolling back in my head and my toes curling like the Wicked Witch of the West. I was definitely not in Kansas anymore.

I liked the idea of transparency

Instead of it feeling like my dick was exploding in some violent release of taboo stickiness, my naughty body fluids made a smooth and distinguished exit like a well-dressed gentleman. “Elvis has left the building” is all I could think when it was said and done. I’m not even a smoker and I felt like I needed to light up a fat ass cigar.

Furthermore, those tiny bumps and tendrils tickled my dick in the most insane way. I haven’t told anybody this because I’m kind of known as a sex machine, but I had to hold myself back from climaxing for a minute when I first began. That unique mixture of intense suction, tickling tentacles, and simulated skin-to-skin contact was definitely something I did not expect (to say the least).

The Top 5 Reasons Why I’m Smitten

I think the top 5 reasons why my experience with the Fleshlight Ice was so different – and so pleasurable – for me were the following:

  • because of the realistic, fleshy material felt like I was making love to an actual vagina.
  • because I was able to watch myself the entire time.
  • because later, when I used it with a partner, they could watch the action too.
  • because of the powerful sucking sensation that occurs inside the tight, bumpy sleeve (which is adjustable with little knobs by the way).
  • because it can take a beating and retain its structural integrity.

Of course, this thing is not 100% flawless even though it might seem that way by the time you get done. I did notice that there were a couple minor drawbacks to be found in the midst of all the gravy on this train, so let’s take a closer look, shall we?

The Pros and Cons

While most fake vaginas on the market are pretty much the same, the Fleshlight Ice is sort of different when it’s used right. By that I mean: however the hell you want. Although I won’t sit here and tell you to buy up every attachment offered by the brand, I will say that most of the good fucking in life happens when some bells and whistles are involved. After all, you’re probably pounding your wiener into a fake vagina simply because you’re sick and tired of the same old thing, am I right? As far as add-ons go, my personal favorites are the sleek sleeve warmer and the hot and steamy shower mount adapter. Did I mention that I’m a bit of a connoisseur?

Alternatively, the Fleshlight Ice gets a little slimy when it is cleaned with anything other than the brand-specific cleaning solution. However, the cleaning and preserving liquids smell quite nice and they both dry rather quickly. Care and maintenance aren’t too taxing but the feelings are. What I’m trying to say is that you might want to have a post-spooge snack on deck because you’re going to feel completely drained – and I mean that as literally as possible.




My Final Verdict

The Fleshlight Ice could very well become my go-to manual masturbator if nothing like it ever comes out. Keep in mind that it is kind of large and in charge so don’t expect it to be discreet. Here is what comes in the box with it:

  • A clear case
  • Two packets of brand name lube
  • One of three different orifices: Lady, Butt, and Pure
  • Instructional booklet/ User’s Manual
  • Ads for other products from the brand

I was not impressed by the incredible size of it, but sometimes you have to go big or go home. As for a mid-range priced masturbator, I’d honest say it gives more expensive models a run for their money. Add to that the fact that the Fleshlight Ice is impressively durable and you have a Fuck Time staple that only sets you back about a hundred bucks (with a couple accessories included). It’s all about the Benjamins, baby.

One last thing: It seemed as though the sucking action squeezed out every last drop from my reserves, and although the different linings of the sleeve more or less felt the same when things got carried away, I’d say this synthetic vagina is about as close to the real thing as you’re going to get without having to cuddle afterwards. You can get it at the official fleshlight website or you can check other models here.