The Fleshlight Go Surge Will Make Your Penis Purge

Seriously, I have been a fan of thfleshlight-go-surge-pink-lady-1e Fleshlight brand for many years but one of the things I cannot stand about their products is the average size. What are behemoth these things anyway? Fuckable wine bottles? I can’t really take them with me anywhere, which means the only time I’m getting a satisfying wax job is when I’m stuck at home. Since I already have lots of at-home sex I wanted some action on the go, so I made an investment in the Fleshlight Go Surge – a recently released model that that is finally compact enough to fit into most of my carryon bags.

The best part of all is that none of the brand’s hard-earned fame or glory was lost in the making of this more streamlined masturbator. It still offers a swift kick in the pants if you know what I mean. In fact, a lot of people are saying that it is the best model to come out of the Fleshlight lineup since the original was patented back in 1998. So what makes this one so fucking special (pun intended)?



The Main Features that I Found Most Impressive

The Fleshlight Go is noticeably smaller than the original mammoth models, yet the traditional interior and exterior shapes have been maintained. I figured my experience would more or less coincide with the reduced size, but it definitely gave me a full-sized fucking. The fact that it is less expensive helped quite a bit too, because let’s face it: nobody wants to spend money on a fake pussy they’ll only use once. Not only is this thing potable but it is also reusable, which is pretty nice feature if you have a healthy sexual appetite like me.

Also like me, guys with larger penises might still find it easy to fit in and get sucked on just like the dudes with smaller dicks. This manual masturbating masterpiece is suitable for mighty members reaching as long as 8 inches (20cm), so I wasn’t shy about giving her hell. I don’t have to go balls deep to get a satisfying release if I have the right hole. Its simulated bumpy material on the interior is juxtaposed by a patented flesh-like material on the exterior produced that audible slapping sound I love. And in my opinion, the Fleshlight Go might be the one that ends up replacing all my other toys.


Let’s Talk Dimensions

Did I mention that this thing is much smaller than the original version upon which it’s modeled? go-fleshlight-size-2When compared to the even smaller Fleshlight Quickshot and speedy Flight Instructor, the Go is hands-down the most well-rounded of them all. Its sleeve length is just 8-inches as I mentioned (as compared to the 7-inch Instructor and 3-inch Quickshot), but its relative tightness and intensity are bigger and better. After tying out all three on myself, I found that the dimensions on the Fleshlight Go were overall more gratifying than the others – albeit they each had their own merits.


What It Felt Like

Apparently, the Fleshlight brand knows that their shit feels amazing because back in 2011 they senfleshlight-go-surge-sleeve-texture_750x243t boxes of products to the soldiers responsible for capturing and killing Osama bin Laden. What a way to say thank you: “Here, go fuck yourself.”fleshlight-go-surge-pink-lady-3 At any rate, the troops sent back thousands of thank you letters for breaking the monotony of loneliness and halting the bore of traditional self-pleasure. All of a sudden, uniformed officials were marching around with their heads in the clouds because they had felt what I can only describe as the best fake fuck I’ve ever had. I will add, however, that this thing is not ideal for people who have trouble pacing themselves.

Inside the sleeve, which feels almost exactly like real skin (especially when you use the sleeve warmer), there are these little bumps and ribbons that tantalize your dick as a team. What I mean by that is this: you can’t really feel the tiny particulars individually, but altogether they create an intense pushing and pulling sensation that makes the Fleshlight Go seem like it’s driving itself. The mid-sleeve dome design rejuvenates the nerve endings too, which further intensifies the sensations on your cock.

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The Pros and Cons

It turns out that the Fleshlight Go offers the strongest suction of all the brand’s products, which is kind of impressive considering how much smaller it is. I liked to play with the length of my self-pleasure sessions by adjusting the end-cap – closed for a lot of suction, open for a little less. Despite all that, this tool is not 100% perfect. Then again, is anything?


  • Easier to use than the standard full-sized model
  • More compact and travel-worthy
  • Traditional brand-specific sensations and quality still intact
  • Great for penises between 4-inches to 7-inches in length
  • Maximum penetration depth is a full 8-inches
  • Costs less than the full-size model


  • Still slightly difficult to clean and maintain
  • Requires hours of dry-time at the very least
  • Not ideal for penises larger than 7-inches long
  • No Fleshlight Girls sleeves available for it yet

Not all products on the market are created thego-surge-2 same and nothing is perfect, but the Fleshlight Go is about as close to perfection as it gets. In fact, I couldn’t help wondering (once the blood returned to my brain) why the makers of Fleshlight don’t make more of their products in this more streamlined and compact size. I think all the others could be marketed towards dudes with enormous cocks, but what do I know? I’ve only been cramming cum into synthetic pussies since I was in my early 20s.

Nonetheless, the I’m not surprised that the makers of this high-end fuck toy have such confidence in their product. While the internal width of the Go canal is more or less the same as the regular model, I personally thought that the Go’s canal was a tad bit narrower than some but bulkier than others. Despite the slight differences in the construction of the sleeve (namely the dome and material thickness), the sensations were not changed at all and this bad girl is still a reliable fuck buddy.




My Final Verdict

There are plenty of good reasons why a Fleshlight Go should be in your toy collection, but don’t get your hopes up about it being perfect. Dudes with huge dicks might have a problem getting the full experience, but for most guys with average sized penises it does the trick quite well. In fact, I’d happily be the first to say that the manufacturer should market this thing as their main money maker, although I know they’ll never listen to me. Perhaps you will though.

I think most of you will enjoy the fact that the wall thickness and texture is almost identical to the wine bottle-sized traditional model that is much bigger and bulkier. There is a slight bulge by the entrance of the canal on this one, but otherwise you can’t really tell a difference (besides in the way it feels in your hand). Overall, I think the Fleshlight Go is a steadfast sex toy that works wonders with or without the accessories and attachments. NOTE: I still suggest using the sleeve warmer and some cleaning solutions because they make things easier and sexier. You can find out more or buy Fleshlight Go at the official fleshlight website or you can check other Fleshlight model reviews here.