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Welcome back, gang. Our asses have been very busy lately, literally. Recently, our boss has presented us with an array of prostate massagers to test out and, well, we haven’t been able to sit down right for weeks. We don’t mind it either. After all, we’ve made a vow to work our asses off to find the best sex toys on the market. We consider this a small concession in exchange for a job that allows us to jizz for our paychecks.

With our enthusiastic assholes aflame, we set out to review the new Lelo Loki Wave, which is this cool little vibrator for men. Of course, it could be used by the ladies as well, but it’s ergonomic design is made to stimulate the p-spot and the perineum of a man without fail.

What Is the Lelo Loki Wave?

The Lelo brand isn’t quite as well-known as, say, Fleshlight, but consumers still love and trust the products offered. Among the many toys is the Loki Wave USB Rechargeable Rotating and Vibrating Prostate Massager. We recommend not trying to say that mouthful while using it. Despite its relatively humble customer rating, it is a solid machine that provides one heck of a ride that might possibly leave you speechless.


The Main Features

We have tried several prostate massagers, but the Lelo Loki offers features that we found refreshing and pleasurable. For starters, it has dual prongs that are positioned to stimulate both the p-spot and the perineum regardless of the penis girth or length. Designed to be used from the underside, the Lelo Loki Wave features a medical grade silicone overlay that glides in and out without friction.

Furthermore, this toy offers six different settings for customizable play. Each setting allows for a new sensation, with a double motor that drives the rotation and vibration of the prongs. The intensity of the motorized rhythms can be tailored as well, with a one-touch control on the handle that promotes precision and timeliness. There are no batteries to keep and no charging dock to sustain either. The Lelo Loki uses a common USB cord to recharge, and it typically takes about 2 hours to achieve full power.

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What Comes in the Box?

Opening the Lelo Loki felt like Christmas to us, but mostly because of how attractive the packaging was. lelo-loki-wave-boxIt is the classic black box that most Lelo products comes in, complete with the clear plastic window in the center that allows customers to see the toy before its unwrapped. Anticipation is obviously the name of the game here; the toy also comes with a sleek black satin carrying bag for discrete surprises.

By surprises we mean using this thing responsibly. The manufacturer doesn’t include any cleaning supplies or toy preserver, but we did get a small sample of water-based anal lubricant that we suggest you take advantage of. It is enough for one use, so be sure to stock up on more. The box also includes the USB changer and the Lelo Loki Wave massager with instructions, but that’s it.


What It Feels Like

What didn’t surprise us was how good the Lelo Loki felt in our bums. With 4 inches to insert and a girth of 4.5 inches, there was no stone left unturned. lelo-loki-waveAfter we slathered on some good lube and got over the initial coldness of the material, things started to get hot and heavy fast. The silicone overlay is super smooth, the rotations circled around in our anus like an enthusiastic fingering from high school, and the vibrations jingled our bells until the cows came home. Since the Lelo Loki is completely submersible, some of us took it to the showers. To make a long story short, we’re now hoping Lelo makes a shower mount attachment for its next model.


Our Cheers and Jeers

It may sound like we had a love affair with the Lelo Loki Wave and in some respects, you would be correct. It’s certainly gets in there and gets the job done, which is why we wouldn’t necessarily recommend it for rookies. Despite our appreciation for it, there were still some things we didn’t like. Here is the breakdown on what we honestly thought about it:

  • Time for a Quickie: It charges fully in less than 60 minutes.
  • Ergonomic Erotica: It is designed to fit comfortably in the hand, and in the ass.
  • How Do You Like It: There are at least 6 individual settings, but when we added the power control features it became super easy to completely customize our experience each time.
  • Do the Wave: We truly enjoyed the patented wave motion when the function was turned on. We liked to keep it off until right before climax. Try it; we dare you.
  • Safety Is Sexy: It contains no phthalates and no latex, so its basically hypoallergenic and safe to use for everybody.
  • Wash Over Us: We liked how it was submersible in water and easy to clean – just a quick wash under the sink before laying it out to try.
  • Love You Long Time: Fully charged, the Lelo Loki will run for about two hours. If you’re any good at what you’re doing, that ought to be plenty of time to make an impression.
  • Communication Is Key: It features an LED battery life indicator so you can plan things better. However, we suggest reading the instruction manual before devising that party in your pants.


  • Not for the Newbies: The length and girth of the toy (4”x4.5”) might be too large for prostate pleasure newcomers.
  • Pushing Our Buttons: It was sort of annoying to be in the middle of things and accidentally push a built-in button on the handle, which changed the speed and rhythm without warning.
  • To Die Another Day: Used on full power with all the toy’s bells and whistles, the battery life is kind of disappointing after a while.
  • No Dry Runs: Even with the medical grade silicone, using the Lelo Loki without a good water-based anal lube is a quick way to set your own ass on fire. Ouch!






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The Final Verdict

Overall, we thought the Lelo Loki Wave USB Rechargeable Rotating and Vibrating Prostate Massager was a real hit. Not a single person on our team came back and said they didn’t get off. While some had a harder time than others, it is fair to say that prostate pros might want to go with something a little more, shall we say, monstrous and powerful. That’s not to say the Lelo Loki doesn’t pack a punch.

In reality, this toy is most suitable for people with mid-range experience or expectation. It is not ideal for folks who want to be blown out of the water, nor is it good for men who have never tried anything like this before. Simply put, the Lelo Loki Wave is a great sex toy for guys who are comfortable with themselves and their limitations. Since that includes our team, we have a positive experience. However, we think all results will vary so we suggest using it the first time with that in mind.

If you happen to read in German we suggest you to visit our colleagues at strap-on-it.de for even more detailed Lelo Loki test.

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