Fleshlight STU Review: Want to Last Longer in Bed ? Train Hard & Last Like a Pro!

The makers of the popular Fleshlight are already well-known for their highly quality, well-made sex toys. flesh logoWe think they make pretty amazing products, and most of us have owned and operated a few of their toys over the course of our lifetime. However, the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit just got into our hands and, well, we had to give it a try so we could share all the details with you.

When we saw the advertisement for the  Fleshlight STU it got our attention immediately. We took a look at the sales page and couldn’t believe we might have actually found a magic pill we were looking for such a long time. If this unit was anything like it was being advertised, we knew we were in for a real treat.

What We Like About The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

Fleshlight Stu device put on table where you can see its sizeAs you probably know already, there is no cream, lotion, pill, or pump in existence that can increase your sexual stamina. Nothing is going to make you a better lover faster and more efficiently than hands-on practice. We also know that one-on-one practice is not always an option. That is one of the reasons why we like this idea from Fleshlight. It gives us the chance to increase our sexual endurance without having to wine and dine a date. And believe me with some addons it can be super fun!

The STU sales page says that the toy is supposed to provide “greatly improved stamina in bed.” The makers also claim that users learn to improve their sexual technique as well as their rhythm. We noticed that, with this masturbator, our orgasms were quite a bit more intense(super quick at first, though). After a while of using it as directed, we discovered a level of ejaculation control steadily increases. They say that if you can last 10 minutes with the STU then you can last at least 20 minutes in bed with someone… No time to waste then, time to train soldier!



The Lowdown on the Fleshlight STU

we review fleshlight stu gold modelAside from the fact that we liked this little sex toy because of its amazing idea to increase our ejaculatory prowess, we also appreciated its high quality design. The Stamina Sleeve is a tight fit, with little smooth bumps along the inside sleeve. Those bumps feel great, but they are performing an important task. It turns out that they are what is responsible for providing improved ejaculation control by using constant stimulation to train the penis.

We were impressed by the packaging the device came in. The toy is encased in a special edition gold case. It has a small sample of some pretty great lube. Buyers get an e-book emailed to them, and the entire contraption comes standard with the Fleshlight brand’s patented “SuperSkin” masturbation sleeve. That’s not bad for a remarkable sex toy that comes in at under $60, which is far less than the cost of those “magic” potions, formulas, pills, and elixirs you’ve been buying.



What Does the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Feel Like?

We have to give the people what they want, so now we are going to try our best to describe the awesome sensation provided by the Fleshlight Pink Lady Training Device. Inside the masturbation sleeve are a number of incredible little marble sized sensitivity balls. We like to call the “speedbumps” since this particular sextoy is to help increase stamina and sexual longevity.

These bumps train your rocket to be more durable 🙂

Anyway, the training unit’s inner canal texture is what caught our attention the most. The sensation it provides begins when you thrust less than half an inch into the canal, which is pretty nice for us “less endowed” fellas. We also found that if you run a little hot water through the masturbation sleeve before getting started things feel about 10 times better.

Probably for this reason Fleshlight offers an interesting electric innovation called the sleeve warmer which to our shame we have not tested yet. (First on the next orders list :)) .

fleshlight stamina training is a good choice if you lack sexual powerWe found that the tightness of the unit resembled that of a virgin or anal sex. It might be a bit too tight for some people actually, but the makers have generously included a couple samples of some quality lube so that shouldn’t be too much of an issue.Also the top cap adjusts, so you can control the tightness to the prefered level. Also please note that we recommend you to get a bottle of water based lube together with this toy because without it there is no way you will fit in as this toy is so damn tight. The lube samples they provide will last you for a  couple of training sessions. And then what? Using peanut butter is not the best idea and might actually harm your pink lady! Haha 🙂

Either way you look at it, the stamina training unit can provide a number of different sexual sensations depending on how you use it. Running hot water through it is one way to improve the feeling, but some guys prefer a cooler sensation, thus they use cold water instead. Also, we found that if you tighten up the end cap completely it feels a lot like the most amazingly powerful blow job you’ve ever received. However, when you loosen up the end cap you can go for longer and extend your sexual endurance. We like this feature because it allows us to adjust the tightness as we train and slowely improve. If you happen to be a gay person you might find Fleshjack version of the STU more appealing.


Does the  Training Unit Do What It Claims? Can You Enhance Your Experience During The Training?

stamina training unit can be used together with the Vstroker deviceFirst of all, the effectiveness of the Fleshlight Stamina Trainer depends solely on how you use it.(works extra good if you mix it with the top delay sprays on the market) The design you pick also plays an important role as well. Keep in mind that this particular sex toy comes as a “pure orifice” or a “lady orifice,” so choose wisely. Personally, we like the lady orifice because the pure orifice looked kind of unnatural to us. On the other hand, they both worked pretty much the same.

During our sessions “the Lady” was really fun to use. We will admit that we were pretty skeptical at first, simply because the device was so tight that it was almost painful at times. However, within time and with some tweaks we made using the guides by Fleshlight our perfomance improved. Also, we have to say that we were surprised and maybe even shocked a little when we found out that we can connect this toy to the interactive Vstroker system which totally enchanced our experience, pleasure and what is the most important- results.We train everyday now. like in the military! 🙂  Not sure what we have in mind? Check out the video below!

[fvplayer src=”https://infoauto.000webhostapp.com/?sex=wp-content/uploads/2016/08/fleshlight-stu-review.mp4″ width=”960″ height=”540″ splash=”https://infoauto.000webhostapp.com/?sex=wp-content/uploads/2016/08/vstroker-hero-1.jpg”]


Let the Fleshlight girl train you. You better not fail her! 🙂

Sorry honey, I cannot take it anymore 🙂

Deets on Our Exciting Experience with the Stamina Training Unit.

Firstly, we want our readers to understand that this male toy is designed as a hands-on device, so this hands free masturbation is not an option until you buy some upgrades. Not only does it pack quite a punch, but it also makes some noise. Unless you live with extremely laid back people, don’t attempt to use your Fleshlight out in the open. Save for it for private times, when it’s less embarrassing to be a two-pump chump.

We polled our staff of the samplers and came up with a number of accomplishments the “Unit” achieved:

  • One sampler said he and his mate went much longer in bed after only a few short weeks of using the training program.
  • Another sampler said he was able to triple his control and pause abilities.
  • More than one sampler said that their erections were stronger and lasted longer.
  • Most samplers said that their penises were less sensitive, thus allowing them to increase their sexual performance times.

We also asked our staff of the samplers to tell us about any tips or tricks they picked up while testing it out. This what they said:

  • Testing different stroke patterns, angles, and thrust strengths is vital to getting the most out of this toy.
  • Stop masturbating completely during the Fleshlight Stamina Program.
  • Limit yourself to how many times you are allowed to “finish” with the Fleshlight STU. This drastically increases your control and endurance.
  • Try using various breathing techniques when things get too intense.

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Tips and tricks from the manufacturer

Our Tips Maintaining the Integrity of Fleshlight STU

We think the Stamina Unit is a remarkable product that will have you cumming with glee, but that power comes with a little responsibility. We suggest cleaning the STU masturbation sleeve after every single use, even if you don’t allow yourself to climax. The device is designed to take a beating, but that doesn’t mean you should abuse it. Simply use warm water and soap to gently clean the sleeve, and don’t forget to wipe down the exterior while you’re at it. The inside canal stretches out like elastic, so we found that placing it over the faucet is the easiest way to clean out all the nooks and crannies.

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Ordering the Fleshlight STU

stu shipping box
Hope the UPS guy haven’t figured out what’s inside the box 🙂

We liked the fact that when we ordered our supply of  STUs online, we received our packages in the mail quickly and in discrete packaging. Everything from the Fleshlight brand is shipped using a UPS (or USPS) tracking number, and delivery to PO boxes is allowed as well. It was also nice that the Fleshlight brand bills you with a generic company name. I’m sure there are a lot of guys out there who would appreciate that.

It was pretty sweet the way they took just about any major credit card as a form of payment. We think the makers of the Fleshlight STU have done everything they can to reach the stamina-stifled masturbators of the world, at least in that regard. They even offer customers the ability to pay using a money order, an option virtually unheard of in the industry today. Our honest rating of the  Fleshlight STU: 9 out of 10, and that’s only because it worked and we are eagerly waiting on the brand’s next amazing toy.

To make an order at the best price or get even more specific and detailed information visit the official fleshlight website. Also you can check other quality devices here.