Extenze Male Enhancement Pills: Do They Really Work? + Ingredients, Side Effects & Results

My willingness to try new things has always been something that’s made me quite popular with the ladies (and the gents, to be honest). I’ve never really shied away from unfamiliar territory, especially when it came time to whip out my dick. This poor little guy has seen some of the deepest, darkest places on Earth and he’s not even a top performer in his sport. So, while I may not be a porn star, I sure as hell practice like I’m up for an audition on one.

Knowing I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t go down the male enhancement rabbit hole at some point, I wondered: Could these magic pills really transform my love life in a matter of weeks or months? Did I really want to subject my body to that kind of torture just to get a slightly bigger cock, a more robust orgasm and harder erections? You’re damn right I did.

I now have a formal education on proper penile health, plus I can tell a good supplement from 10 paces away at this point. And although I only started dabbling with penis enhancement supplements a few years back, this crash course I’ve been on has lead me to make countless discoveries along the way – both about myself and about the industry. And one of my most amazing discoveries was a little capsule called Extenze.

​Extenze Ingredients:

The order was delivered right to my door but I had to wait a little longer than I expected because of some mix-up about my address. Anyway, I popped open the unmarked box and found a much smaller box labeled “Extenze Extended Release” inside. It contained 30 individually wrapped gel-caps that were supposedly made under heavy-armed manufacturing standards by Biotab Nutraceuticals, Inc. and the label proclaimed the product’s efficacy loudly, stating that its “secret” proprietary blend of ingredients was responsible for the rapid results.

Here is a rundown of the massive 22-ingredient recipe inside each of the capsules:

  • Folate

Low folate levels can lead to infertility problems, decreased energy and unhealthy red or white blood cell counts, which is precisely why it’s one of the primary ingredients in this (obviously) carefully formulated penis enhancement product.

  • Zinc

According to lab tests, proper amounts of zinc in the body can boost sperm count and motility as well as increase testosterone levels. Those subsequent side effects of this mineral make it ideal (and popular) in many modern-day male supplements.

  • Pregnenolone

This hormone is typically made by the adrenal gland, but amped up amounts of it in the body can increase testosterone production and pique your interest in sex and/or masturbation. For some guys, this ingredient is great for treating the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

  • Piper Longum

Able to reduce anxiety and cut through oxidative stress like a knife, this ingredient is not only rare in male enhancement products but it also makes all other ingredients more effective just by being included in the recipe.

  • Ginger

Believed to be a natural aphrodisiac, ginger stimulates blood flow to all parts of the body (most notably, the extremities like the penis). It has the power to make your erogenous zones more sensitive, resulting in a more pleasurable orgasm and longer-lasting climax.

  • Yohimbe Extract

Used as a stimulant to help people lose weight, this amazingly gentle yet effective natural extract has been shown to reduce the frequency of erectile disfunction in struggling men while simultaneously increasing the user’s physical endurance (especially as it relates to sex and masturbation).

  • Tribulus Terrestris

Evidence suggests that this ingredient can do several things to enhance sexual performance and pleasure, including providing a quick boost to testosterone levels and supporting the bodily systems which control sexual function and reproduction.

  • Korean Ginseng Extract

Multiple clinical studies have shown the efficacy of this ingredient. It can improve the rigidity of your erections while making them thicker and fuller as well. It also has the power to increase your libido in case you were wondering what you were gonna do with the brand-new dick of yours.

  • Xanthroparmelia Scarbrosa

Don’t bother pronouncing this strange sounding ingredient, just know that it’s commonly used as a component in medical-grade erectile dysfunction medications and it can increase your sexual desires at the same time.

  • Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GAA)

GAA is a powerfully safe natural acid used to regulate sexual impulses in the brain. It plays an important neurological function that’s virtually unheard of in male enhancement products today. In fact, it maximizes hypothalamic/pituitary function to make the user’s entire body operate at optimal levels.

  • Velvet Deer Antler

It may have a funny name, but this ingredient has a very important job which makes me wonder why I don’t find it in more MEPs. It naturally contains vital male hormones like insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1). Don’t know what that is? Yeah, me neither, but proper production of it is essential for a healthy sex life according to the latest research.

  • Horny Goat Weed

Commonly used as a natural aphrodisiac, this relatively familiar ingredient is actually an herb that appears to boost testosterone while it makes you hornier and more excited about sex. Talk about a great combo attack before you hit the sack.

  • Damiana

I’m not too confident about this ingredient because I’ve heard both positive and negative things about it. However, the manufacturer of Extenze ER uses it because of its link to better sexual stamina, increased boner function and more pleasurable orgasms, so I guess I don’t mind experimenting with it a tad. You know me…

  • Muira Puama Extract

Known as an aphrodisiac as well as a libido booster, this Brazilian herb also improves mental focus and supports the creations of your perverted imagination. Why have so few male enhancement pill manufacturers thought of this as part of their recipe? That’s what I’m focused on right now.

  • Pumpkin

Not just for delicious fall recipes, white girl Starbucks orders and horribly scented candles, pumpkin is obviously useful for improved prostate functionality, more balanced hormone production and boosted whole-body wellness. So, I guess those basic bitches are on to something after all.

  • Stinging Nettle

Don’t let the painful name fool you. This gentle herb helped more than 80% of clinical users in a study on ways to improve/reduce BHP symptoms. Interestingly, the effects continued as long as the user ingested the herb.

  • Astragalus

Believed to help people improve the functionality of their lungs, adrenal glands and gastrointestinal tract, this stamina-boosting ingredient is said to increase the user’s metabolism while decreasing their performance fatigue.

  • Licorice Extract

More than just an over-priced movie theater snack, this natural component in Extenze can help you manage oxidative stress. More important, it optimizes fluid retention in the body – a terrific side effect for a product designed to increase blood flow to the penis.

  • L-Arginine Hydrochloride

This essential amino acid is necessary for the body to produce an adequate amount of proteins for growth. It’s also used in medical-grade erectile dysfunction (ED) and male infertility treatments, so you know it’s some powerful stuff.

  • Ho Shou Wu Extract

As a popular herbal remedy used in ancient Chinese medicine, this ingredient is believed to help with male virility without interfering with other medications. And according to local legend, it may have a few anti-aging properties as well.

  • Hop (Strobile) Extract

Commonly used as a natural supplement to treat bouts of insomnia, this gentle extract may have another purpose we don’t hear about much. According to studies, it can also be used to improve sexual hormone production and reproductive organ function.

  • Boron

Last but not least, we have this dietary mineral that’s been linked several times to increased testosterone and estrogen production – both of which are hormones essential to healthy sexual function, especially in aging men.

NOTE: I have no idea about the quantity of these ingredients in this product, nor does anyone else but the manufacturer it seems. But despite the air of mystery surrounding it, Extenze is deemed safe by most medical professionals and is said to have the capacity to replace more invasive and/or less convenient enhancement options like prescription-strength drugs, surgical penile implants, penis pumps, injections and urethral suppositories. 

​​My Experience With Extenze ​Male Enhancement Pills

With more than a billion pills sold, one can’t help but wonder if those numbers are the result of product efficacy or clever marketing. I don’t know how everyone else feels, but here’s my experience with the # things Extenze promises to provide for us all: 

  • Bigger, Harder, More Frequent Erections”

It took this product a good 30 days for it to start working for me, and at that point the results were only minimal. However, once I surmounted the initial plateau I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and frequency of my erections, and so was my partner who, up until that point, was convinced I had a side bitch.

  • Massively Intense and Electrifying Orgasms”

I won’t go so far as to say that my orgasms were intense because of this product, but I will say that I could definitely feel a difference in the way my mind and body functioned before, during and after sex. The combination of effects probably resulted in a more robust climax for the both of us but I wouldn’t know because I was too busy admiring my rock-hard dick.

  • Increased Endurance for Longer Lasting Sessions”

I’ll admit that I was a two-pump chump for a while and my partner was getting sick of it. Cock rings, penis pumps and sheer will power weren’t enough to make me last any longer. But Extenze gave me those precious extra minutes I needed to look like a grown ass man in the bedroom and I’m pretty sure everyone noticed that.

​Where To Buy Extenze:


The Final Verdict

Overall, Extenze is your basic penis enhancement supplement – a product that promises insane orgasms, incredible sexual endurance and better erection quality to go along with it. I’m not saying it comes with an official Girth Certificate, but it does include a 67-day money-back guarantee and it worked for my run-down, washed-up, physically abused penis so it will probably work for yours too.