The Fleshlight Girls: Elsa Jean Tasty Treat

I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of the porn star Elsa Jean. Ever since she stepped her pretty little ass on the scene, I’ve been waiting for one of these sex toy companies to use her for one of their products. I wasn’t surprised when I heard that the Fleshlight brand was the first to latch on to her tight pussy. I mean, aren’t those guys always on the front lines?

Elsa is now one of the famous Fleshlight girls, and you know what that means: buyer can get a manual masturbator that’s inspired by that fine vag and ass of hers. It didn’t take long for me to whip out my credit card and buy one, and I wasn’t disappointed. It turns out that the Elsa Jean Tasty texture is the hottest selling sleeve in the brand’s entire inventory. Did you expect anything different? I sure as hell didn’t.

What Is the Elsa Jean Tasty Treat Pocket Pussy Sex Toy?

Ms. Elsa Jean is a hot, young, petite thing with long, golden hair and the perfect pair of pouting lips.  Her Fleshlight toy has a lot of the same qualities, including a pair of perfect little lips. It’s a handheld masturbator that’s been expertly molded into a shape that’s as similar to her size and circumference as humanly possible. And if that doesn’t sound like enough to get your dick hard, wait until I tell you about all the fuckable features.


The Main Features

The Fleshlight Girls are known as the hottest hos in porno, and Elsa Jean is no exception. Her remarkably realistic toy comes in either a pussy or an ass, with both of them equally detailed. Each one has a different sleeve texture, which just makes it even harder to choose my favorite one. The toy itself features the following things:

  • A super tight, interchangeable sleeve
  • A unique and superior texture that combines knobs, twists, and ridges to create a realistic sensation
  • The Fleshlight brand’s patented SuperSkin material
  • A sturdy, plastic case that holds the sleeve securely in place while you fuck it
  • 9 inches of insertable length
  • A hyper realistic vaginal orifice (TASTY) that features life-like labia folds
  • A hyper realistic anal orifice (TREAT) that features life-like anus wrinkles
  • Compatibility with Fleshlight brand harnesses, sleeve warmers, and the high-tech Launch device

All in all, the Fleshlight Girls Elsa Jean masturbator is exactly like the other 23 Fleshlight Girls toys available, with one glaring difference: it has the endorsement of America’s number one sweetheart.


What Comes in the Box?

One thing I like about the Fleshlight brand (other than the fact that they wasted no time turning Ms. Elsa into a toy) is the fact that they always include a few freebies with their products. While I would have liked a little more of a masculine, updated looking box, I can’t really complain about its contents. Inside the box of the Elsa Jean Tasty Fleshlight are the following items:

  • The Fleshlight Girls Elsa Jean masturbator (of course)
  • Either the Tasty or the Treat sleeve and orifice
  • A small sample of the brand’s patented water-based lube
  • An advertisement containing a list of the other Fleshlight Girls toys available
  • An instruction manual including care and maintenance tips

What you won’t get in the box is equally as important as what you do get. For example, you don’t receive any toy cleaner or renewal powder, and I find that extremely disappointing. In my experience, I’ve discovered that the renewal powder is more vital that I had originally assumed. While the SuperSkin material is really nice, it’s just like real flesh – it needs to be subjected to a complete regimen to keep it from going to shit.

I highly recommend springing for at least the renewal powder if not for some toy cleaner as well. Fortunately, this thing is rather easy to clean and requires little more than some warm water. However, if you opt for a cheap ass cleaning regimen AND neglect to buy renewal powder, you’ll eventually be sorry.


How It Feels

What do you mean, how does this toy feel? Are you kidding me? As the best selling Fleshlight sleeve in the lineup, it obviously feels amazing. In my opinion, it’s got one of the most intense textures out there, plus it’s nice and tight just the way I like it.

Vagina Texture
Butt Texture

As for the difference between the Tasty and Treat sleeves, it was pretty hard to pick out my fave. However, after numerous uses I’ve decided that I like the Treat a little better. Not only is the kinkier of the two, but it seems to have a much smaller opening and a more intense sleeve texture overall. Then again, you be the judge. I’ve gone back and forth a thousand times.

The Cheers and Jeers

Even if Elsa Jean is perfect, her toy is not. While I have a lot of things I liked about it, I still found a few flaws that I plan to describe shortly. Before that though, let’s talk about the good shit.


  • Lip Service – There are few things I can think of that are sexier than Elsa Jean’s pussy lips, and this toy captures their beauty flawlessly.
  • Get a Grip – The tightness of this thing is remarkable considering it fits perfectly inside any standard Fleshlight case.
  • Tickle My Fancy – I had zero complaints about the texture of either the Tasty (pussy) or the Treat (anus) sleeves.
  • Great Expectations – I was not let down by the quality of this toy. Fleshlight has done it again.


  • Catch and Release – Just like the other Fleshlight toys, the SuperSkin material catches lint and debris easily, thus requiring frequent and thorough cleanings.

The Final Verdict

Overall, the Fleshlight Girls Elsa Jean masturbator is all any man could ever hope for. The only thing missing is a picture of her face on my wall, but I own the Fleshlight Launch so I found a way around that bullshit. You can find more information or buy Elsa Jean’s sex toy at the official fleshlight website.